Ordinary Joe Interview with Franky James Coronado

In my previous post I said that ordinary Joes might prove to be exceptional. It turns out I was right, as you'll see from the interview below with Franky James Coronado.

Interview with Franky James Coronado:

Hi Franky,  thanks for agreeing to do this interview.  Let’s cut right to the chase. I’ve seen some of your videos – they’re a blast. What got you into making them?

I moved to Austin, Texas in 2009 to work in film and on a TV show called Friday Night Lights.

I was on Myspace and I met Rick Borgia who appeared in films in New York. He was in a crime series called Street Justice. Through him, I  met Angel Salazar who played Chi Chi with Al Pacino in Scarface.

I also met another guy called (appropriately enough!) Joe, who’s a  stand-up comic . He asked me to do some posters for his club dates. I didn’t know how to make them but I got the idea to make some little trailers – like commercials – of his coming comedy dates.

From there I started doing things for struggling actors – whoever needed help with reels.

Wow! It sounds like you’ve mixed with some very talented people in the entertainment business. Have you any more surprises for us Franky?

Well, I make good money scanning for weapons and explosives on special sites helping in the fight against anti-terrorism. Is that surprising enough for you?

Is it ever! What’s your favourite movie and why do you like it so much?

A French film called City of Lost Children. I love it that the writer and Director created a reality that was colourful, metallic, weird, and very challenging to figure out.

The other day you told me you were in class. What are you studying?

I was on a motorcycle safety course. One of my ambitions is to ride a motorcycle to Roswell New Mexico for the amazing UFO and film festivals, and also go to Marfa, Texas to see the Marfa lights that hover over the desert at night. I might make some videos of them.

What makes you laugh?

Unfortunately that would be our new President here!

What music moves you and why?

A lot of the sixties pop because so much of it makes great soundtracks for films.

What’s happening in your life right now?

Getting a protective order renewed against a stalker who claims I can let evil spirits into a persons home thru a TV set,

Oh my fucking God! That is scary! Any closing thoughts you want to share with us?

Always try, never feel you’re not as worthy as other people. We audition for ourselves first. Learn that things you thought you'd not be able to do, sometimes end up being easy and fun. Never think that you can't. If you meet Jack Black or Oliver Stone, say hi - I did, and found out they're just like me and you, and will probably like you.

That’s great, thank you Franky. 

Franky is on Twitter as Filmplanet7  and on Facebook.

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