Ordinary Joe Interview with Edward Yeatman

                                            Edward in his air force days

Hi Edward, thanks for stepping up and allowing me to quiz you about your life today. What makes you laugh?
I loved Phyllis Diller, Johnny Carson, and Smothers brothers when I was growing up. Oh yeah, and the movie Neighbours with John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd. Nowadays, Stephen Colbert and Seinfeld are great favourites of mine - and Comedy Central.

I can’t argue with those choices – especially Seinfeld. I’ve watched every episode of his show at least twice over. What music moves you and why? 
The 60’s was the best. It had so much - the Beatles, Doors, Motown, Stones, Who, Jefferson Airplane, Folk, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Kingston Trio, Country - “the Nashville sound’ - Bobby Bare, Jim Reeves. Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash. And of course, the king: Elvis.

Edward aged 5 or 6
There are lots of names there that I’m a big fan of, too. By the way, you told me you used to be in the armed forces. What did you do and what was it like? 
I was in the fire department. Luckily for me it was boring!!!

That was good luck indeed – any armed forces job that’s interesting likely involves getting shot at! What’s your favourite movie and why do you like it so much?
One is West Side Story – it’s one of first I remember, because of Natalie Wood and the music. 

West Side Story has great music, singing, characters and plotting. Plus the beautiful and tragic Natalie Wood. No wonder you like it so much. What do you get a blast from doing? 
I used to love riding my Mountain bike through the woods. My dog would go with me. There were no other people, and the smell of the trees, flowers, and sun or rain was great. Loved to see deer, turkey, snakes , frogs, hawks. They were all in those woods and since I was on a bike, and silent, and moving faster than a walk, I could go around a curve or over a hill and see them before they ran away.

                                               Edward getting married
Brilliant. Nature is so…refreshing. What’s happening in your life right now?
Nothing; I go to work and come home. Goof off and read, watch horror movies, get on Facebook . Sometimes I drink craft beers if can get a chance to go out of town. I like Stouts best.

That’s not nothing Edward! It sounds like a rich life to me! – Certainly as rich as mine is. What town or city do you live in?
Collinsville, Mississippi.

What’s good about it? 
It’s small. I have woods and can take out my dogs exploring and be mostly alone.

                                                      Edward today
I live in a similar sort of place and I enjoy walking in the woods, too. Thank you, Edward. It’s been great talking to you.
And great to talk with you and your readers, Jack.

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