Interviewing ordinary Joes and Jos

I’ve always thought of myself as an Ordinary Joe. The kind of guy you’d hang out with, watching sports on TV, or drinking a few beers in your local bar.

I was reflecting on this when it occurred to me that you don’t often get to see Ordinary Joes interviewed, especially in blogs by writers.

Writers generally interview other writers – which is quite understandable. The assumption is that if you’re a writer, the people reading your blog are interested in books, authors, literature, and so on.

You probably know my blog is more wide-ranging than that, reflecting my many interests.

In that spirit I’ve decided to interview some ordinary Joes in a series that’ll be called “Ordinary Joes and Jos like me”.

I suspect along the way we'll all find that ordinary people can be quite exceptional in many ways.

It’ll be great fun, and I hope you enjoy it.

Photo from Pixabay

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