Book Review - Spermjackers from Hell by Christine Morgan

I have the paperback edition of Spermjackers on my desk right now, open at page 34.

The last line on that page reads:

"But it'd be sick, gratuitous, and wrong."

Few people (as long as they're not prudish or easily offended) will read that line without laughing out loud, or at the very least cracking one hell of a smile, because of the paragraphs that immediately precede it.

There are other lines which work to similar effect, but this is the one that sticks in my mind for some reason.

Spermjackers is funny - at times, hilarious - but, for all its humour, quite horrific when it reaches its sickening climax. I don't want to give away any plot spoilers; let's just say that in keeping with tradition in the horror genre, not every protagonist comes out of it well.

Features I'd like to pick out for special mention are:

(1) This book comes out fighting from the opening bell. Things happen quickly. You won't get bored waiting around for the plot to develop;

(2) The dialogue of the teeanagers at the centre of the story. I'm guessing the author has teenage kids herself,  because it rings very true - at least to me;

(3) Throughout the tale, beginning at page 30, the author deconstructs the novel format. This was a high-risk strategy which could have gone horribly wrong. That it doesn't, and that it adds to the entertainment value of this fine (if deeply perverse) book is testament to Christine Morgan's writing skills;

(4) The perverse scenario that drives the plot forward is tackled with a gleeful gusto. I suppose it had to be all or nothing with this sort of concept, especially as the publisher is Deadite Press. I confess I haven't read any other books with the Deadite imprint, but I know of their reputation, and I'm guessing that this book is on a par with the most extreme they have to offer.

In a nutshell: of you want something fast-paced,  deeply and perversely funny, topped off with a good measure of genuine, nasty horror, then look no further; this is your book.

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