Real-life violence is generally pointless and is always ugly.

This is not how it's portrayed on screen, of course.

Screen violence tends to be sanitized.

In the Western movies of old, bar-room brawls broke out with a predictable regularity. The participants were seldom bloodied or in any way much inconvenienced by the beatings they took. They might be knocked unconscious, often because their head had got in the way of a barstool, but soon enough they'd wake up with no ill-effects.

The good guys always looked good, and somehow noble, while fighting.

Things have moved on a little since then.

beatings may end in a fatality - eg Bond movies.

But the violence is still sanitized.

The good still look good and noble while going about their savage work.

Real life is different.

I've had the misfortune to observe a few barroom brawls in my time, and they're nothing like they're portrayed on screen.

They're ugly, and I do mean ugly.

Blood flows alarmingly in such encounters, and one or more of the participants generally suffers a severe (or severe-looking) injury.

And no-one ever looks good or noble.

So if you are ever tempted to get into a fight because of what you've seen on the screen, think again and don't do it!

Just walk away. The only good reason to get into a fight of that nature is that there's no way of getting out of it. If there is a way out of it, take it.

There are no real winners in those encounters.

More on this topic in due course. It deserves more.

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