Raising Dave - Sally's Journal

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Pictured: Sally’s journal on the desk of Jack Strange

I’d like to describe Sally’s journal so you can imagine you're reading it as you peruse my typed version.

But first I’d like to reassure you I haven’t changed it in any significant way.

The only alterations I’ve made are as follows:

(1)        I’ve called it ‘Raising Dave’. as I thought it needed a title.
(2)        I’ve corrected her spelling, which could be erratic at times.       

The document is A6 size. It’s the sort of thing you can buy here in the UK from any stationery shop  for about £2.00; in America it might cost you $2.60.

The cover is black and rather grubby. It's dog-eared at the corners and has a white label affixed to it with the words ‘Sally Copres’ written on the label in black ballpoint. I assume that ‘Copres’ is Sally’s surname.

Inside, the pages are ruled narrow feint with margin. Every one of them is covered from top to bottom in her spidery handwriting, written in the same ballpoint pen as her name on the front cover.

The writing is so small that on several occasions I’ve had recourse to a magnifying glass to decipher it.

She's numbered each page at the bottom.

There are one hundred pages, all with writing on both sides.

She averages 100 words per side (I’ve checked the word count on a random selection of pages).

By my reckoning, her story pans out at roughly 20,000 words. If it was fiction, I’d say it was roughly the length of a long novella, or a short novel.

But tragically, it isn’t fiction.

It’s cold hard fact, as I know from the other discoveries I made in La Paz.

-           Jack Strange, Huddersfield, 22 July 2017


To navigate to the book 'Raising Dave' click here


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Many thanks,

Jack Strange

Photo by Jack Strange

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