Some while ago I was in a bar in town looking out of the window late at night.

There was a river of young people heading to the town's nightclubs.

Roughly half  were young women wearing astonishingly little, given the low temperature that night.

For some reason it occurred to me to consider the way they were presenting themselves to the world.

In my head, I made an identikit young woman on a night out:

Makeup emphasising lips, eyes, and cheeks;

Close-fitting and/or skimpy clothes;

Heels exaggerating leg-length.

I'm sure I don't need to go on.

I'm not criticising them for it.

How they dress and so on is up to them.

But I wonder how we got where we are, in a place where what women choose to display is at one remove, as it were, from what they really are.

It's a phenomenon that, it seems, has got a few women confused.

(In the interests of balance, I've written  about the way men present themselves in this post: Men!).


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